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Zara Wood a.k.a Woody

Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP

Mirror Mime Exhibition

Woody was invited to exhibit at YSP's Upper Space Gallery.  The museum's stunning landscape - originally designed over 200 years ago as a private pleasure ground - provided inspiration for Mirror Mime.  Infused with Renaissance imagery and 1920s style, Mirror Mime depicted a beguiling world where historical fact became a reimagined present.  

The exhibited new works included: three-dimensional paper portraits; miniatures in vintage jewellery; intricate pen and ink drawings; silkscreens on mirrored paper.  Black, gold, silver and lilac set the tone. 

'Wood's characters come to life crossing that boundary between fantasy and reality. There's an appeal to Wood's Work.  Captivating, simple and elegant, it's rich in aesthetics and there's real beauty - taking you back to a simpler time of innocence and playfulness.'  Cherie Federico, Aesthetica magazine.

In White Night the outline of the rabbit is left unprinted, so when the viewer stands in front of the piece their reflection makes the character’s outline. The mirrored paper also created fluidity: 'Simply breathtaking work, the Duchess with her reflective sea of hair is truly iconic. A real pleasure to see such fine and considered work.'
Visitor comment courtesy of ysp.co.uk

Woody was also commissioned to create artwork to run across the museum's 20 metre concourse - view The Story of Aurora here - and to design special shop window for the museum shop.  Studio Woody designed all the exhibition merchandise and worked closely with Unlimited on directional signage and promotional materials for the exhibition.

Mirror Mime screenprints went on to be selected for Somerset House's contemporary graphic art fair Pick Me Up

Featured in: 
'Reinventing Screenprinting' by Caspar Williams, Rotovision  
'How to Become A Successful Illustrator' by Jo Davies and Derek Brazell, Bloomsbury.  
Elle Decoration, Elle, Crafts, Culture-24 and Aesthetica magazine.

Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP
Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP
Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP
Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP
Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP
Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP
Mirror Mime Solo Exhibition at YSP

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Woody's Studio collaborates on a diverse mix of creative projects, from super graphics that adorn hospital walls to creating sell-out fashion collections.  The studio also curates and delivers online events for the education and arts sectors.

Woody, also known as Zara Wood, creates, curates and educates.
A co-founder of The Enquiry Desk project and Brighton's PechaKucha producer for several years, she is an award-winning senior lecturer + part of the International Association of Illustration Academics forum.  



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