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Rave about Illustration with Zara Wood

NEW podcast - Rave About Illustration with Zara Wood

Zara Wood aka Woody shines a light on the world of illustration in a new podcast series Rave About Illustration: In the first pilot series, we get an overview of what illustration is and what it's like being an illustrator.  We also hear from recent graduate Akemi Kawano, on what it's like working in the creative industries, along with world-renowned graphic artist Malika Favre on making a sustainable career. Concept,... SEE MORE arrow-right

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Projects to check out

There's been a reshuffle and more projects adding just over here Work spanning across education, events and creative direction - enjoy. ... SEE MORE arrow-right

Zara Wood Colour and Forage 6

Spotlight on: Colour & Forage

Woody was commissioned to bring her Colour In Club to Brighton a few moons ago.   Colour & Forage was a drawn hedgerow that appeared to be growing before your very eyes.   After colouring-in the artwork, people could also pick natural elements like apples and berries.   Check out the full project here... SEE MORE arrow-right

1 Colour Space Library 27

Spotlight on: Colour in Space from 2015

Let's go back in time, and space, to Brighton in 2015, where people came together and coloured in a 6 metre long graphic by Woody. Woody’s Colour In Club brought its cosmos of uncluttered graphics and coloured pencils to Jubilee Library in the heart of Brighton.   Humans of all ages sat down together and collaborated on a super-sized artwork to celebrate World Mental Health Day and the launch of City Reads 2015. Read and see more about Colour Space here... SEE MORE arrow-right

Woody Line Art 2

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R - W E L C O M E 2 0 2 1

Happy 2021 folks! Our studio shop will reopen soon once we have done our annual stock check. Look out on Twitter for the latest updates. We'll also be updating our studio project page with all the art direction and e-learning design commissions that Woody has been heading up.   ... SEE MORE arrow-right

The Story of Aurora 3

10 year anniversary of Mirror Mime

It is the ten year anniversary of Woody's exhibition Mirror Mime at YSP - Art Fund's museum of the year in 2014. Her drawn illustrations were translated in to a temporary public art installation measuring 5 metres by 25 metres with a subject matter spanning over 200 years old.    Infused with Renaissance imagery and 1920s style, Mirror Mime depicted a beguiling world where historical fact became a reimagined present.   Cherie Federico for Aesthetica magazine wrote... SEE MORE arrow-right

Mountain Calm

Sending you all some calm in these surreal days... SEE MORE arrow-right

PechaKucha Love Creativity

International PechaKucha Day - 20.02.2020

As part of international PechaKucha Day, Woody and the Brighton team will be hosting 'Love Creativity' at the Nightingale Room on Thursday 20th February.   For line-up details click here This event is now SOLD OUT Doors open for ticket holders only at 6.30pm    ... SEE MORE arrow-right

Good Grub PechaKucha Poster OCT Woody Web

Project Spotlight: PechaKucha Posters

As well as co-curating and producing the events, Woody and the studio also design the posters for PechaKucha Brighton. Here's a few of our favs...and to see more click here ... SEE MORE arrow-right

Octo card

Woody's Design Studio Opens as a Shop - Saturday 12th May

Something for everyone: new drawings for the art collectors, paper tape for the hobbiest, art posters for childrens' bedrooms, plus Summer t-shirts and accessories. Woody opens the doors to the design studio on Saturday 12th from 11-5. Workshop 3, Balcony Level, Brighton Open Market, BN1 4JL ... SEE MORE arrow-right


The Studio

creative direction + illustration
face-to-face + online event design + curation

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Woody's Studio collaborates on a diverse mix of creative projects, from super graphics that adorn hospital walls to creating sell-out fashion collections.  The studio also curates and delivers online events for the education and arts sectors.

Woody, also known as Zara Wood, creates, curates and educates.
A co-founder of The Enquiry Desk project and Brighton's PechaKucha producer for several years, she is an award-winning senior lecturer + part of the International Association of Illustration Academics forum.  



One-off artworks to buy online

Launching later in 2024

 Original artwork by Woody, including the lastest Little Treasures
- original miniatures framed in vintage jewellery.


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Rave About Illustration Podcast
Time for some illumination on illustration. Illustration is everywhere and yet you may not be familiar with what an illustrator does. Rave About Illustration sheds light on the creative world of visual translation.