It is the ten year anniversary of Woody's exhibition Mirror Mime at YSP - Art Fund's museum of the year in 2014.

Her drawn illustrations were translated in to a temporary public art installation measuring 5 metres by 25 metres with a subject matter spanning over 200 years old.   

Infused with Renaissance imagery and 1920s style, Mirror Mime depicted a beguiling world where historical fact became a reimagined present.  

Cherie Federico for Aesthetica magazine wrote 'Wood's characters come to life crossing that boundary between fantasy and reality. There's an appeal to Wood's Work.  Captivating, simple and elegant, it's rich in aesthetics and there's real beauty - taking you back to a simpler time of innocence and playfulness.' 

Woody had miniatures, dioramas and large scale screen prints on foiled paper on show.  

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