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Colour In Monday

Colour In Club

Colourists are invited to engage with uncluttered graphics, journey-bound characters and plenty of space for colouring off-piste. It’s not the usual child’s play, but then this isn’t just for children.

Originally launched in May 2015 as 'Colour In Monday' this engaging colouring-in concept now becomes 'Woody's Colour In Club'.   With regular Brighton nights for adults, we also design special one-off public events for all ages and tailored corporate events.  “Colouring-in is known for its therapeutic benefits,” explains Woody, “Starting something simple, which you don’t have to worry about getting right, can give you a sense of calmness and achievement – preparing you to tackle bigger things.” 

People come together to colour-in super-sized design sheets.  The communal aspect of colouring-in together promotes calmness and co-operation.  


Colour In Monday
Colour In Monday
Woodys Colour in Club at Patterns
Woodys Colour in Club Alpine Blue detail
Woodys Colour in Club Colour and Forage

The Studio

creative direction + illustration
face-to-face + online event design + curation

Get in touch about a new project: creative@zarawood.com 

Woody's Studio collaborates on a diverse mix of creative projects, from super graphics that adorn hospital walls to creating sell-out fashion collections.  The studio also curates and delivers online events for the education and arts sectors.

Woody, also known as Zara Wood, creates, curates and educates.
A co-founder of The Enquiry Desk project and Brighton's PechaKucha producer for several years, she is an award-winning senior lecturer + part of the International Association of Illustration Academics forum.  



One-off artworks to buy online

Coming soon...

 Original artwork by Woody, including the lastest Little Treasures
(original miniatures framed in vintage jewellery)

Rest assured that the highest standards of hygiene, are being carried out when your online orders are packed. 


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