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Colour & Forage

Colour & Forage

Woody's Colour In Club brought Colour & Forage to the Chamber of Commerce's annual Autumn summit.  Guests were invited to take their place at the colouring-in table where a visaul feast of nature's bounty awaited.  

Double-sided blackberries, apples and leaves gave the work a 3-dimensional element and appeared to be growing.  

After colouring, you could also forage these elements and quite literally pick them from the drawn undergrowth.  

There was time to gather thoughts, nurture new ideas and collaborate on an ever-growing artwork.

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Woody's Studio collaborates on a diverse mix of creative projects, from super graphics that adorn hospital walls to creative faciliation for research projects.  The studio also curates and delivers events for the education and arts sectors.

Woody, also known as Zara Wood creates, coordinates and educates.

A co-founder of The Enquiry Desk project and Brighton's PechaKucha producer for several years, she is an award-winning senior lecturer + part of the International Association of Illustration Academics forum.  



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 Original artwork by Woody, including the lastest Little Treasures
- original miniatures framed in vintage jewellery.



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