This October, Woody designed a super-sized six metre colouring-in sheet. Colour Space, with its sci-fi edge, began in monochrome and invited colour, sketches and writing.

Our Colour In Club then brought its cosmos of uncluttered graphics and coloured pencils to Jubilee Library in the heart of Brighton. Humans of all ages sat down together and collaborated on the artwork to celebrate World Mental Health Day and the launch of City Reads 2015.

Colouring-in is often seen as exclusive to children, due to it’s simplicity. However, it is this factor that helps both young people and adults to relax, focus and tackle bigger projects.  Who knows what a little bit of colouring-in could lead to...

The final coloured-in and doodled-over 'Colour Space' artwork is now on display in the Young Persons Area at Jubilee Library. A BIG thank you to all the humans that contributed to making Colour Space.