If you are popping over to Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe or Artists Open House Festival in May, come and join us for a night of quick-fire talks from some of Brighton's top creatives on Thursday 7th May. The night of the General Election, we will be progressing from politics to 'Pecha Kucha'.  

For those who are unfamiliar with the Pecha Kucha format, presenters are asked to prepare a slideshow of twenty images, with each slide shown for just twenty seconds. With no pause between slides, Pecha Kucha talks are engaging and full of energy - each presenter’s slot lasting just six minutes and forty seconds.

'Talent Pool Powered by Pecha Kucha' is curated by Alex Leith of Viva Brighton and our very own Woody a.k.a Zara Wood. During one of the city's most creative months, the evening showcases the eclectic creative talent that makes Brighton so vibrant.  

The line-up includes Open Market sign designer Lucy Williams, bonfire sculptor Keith Pettit, creative competition ‘comper’ Di Coke, Royal Pavilion historian Alexandra Loske, synesthetic Instagram star Philippa Stanton, ‘Collector’s Edition’ author and art director Stuart Tolley, glass-artist Su Wilson, Kid-ethic art director and book-cover designer Mark Swan, the MakerClub founders and photographer Kevin Meredith.

Velo Café (The Level): Doors open 6.30pm with the talks running: 7pm - 9pm.

£5 Early Bird Tickets available now from Viva Brighton